Help Protect Our Youth

“Michelle Sanderbeck’s Economy Drivers Educational Safety Bill/Act” is intended to help fund MStar Foundation Simulated Teen Drivers curriculum by asking the Department of Highway Safety and/or a board of county commissioners may require, by ordinance, that the clerk of the court collect an additional $2 or $5 with each civil traffic penalty. The ordinance shall provide the funds to Michelle’s Leading Star Foundation. The funds shall be used to pay for the educational curriculum incurred in promoting the safe driving practices among teenage drivers for city, exempted villages, local, and joint vocational districts High Schools.
The new driving programs are an effort to educate teen drivers through new state of the art simulators that is creating a life long learning experience for our teenagers, safer roads and a broader awareness of teen accidents. This program has already been integrated into a health/wellness curriculum at the Medina High School and is serving as a model to promote a new way of authentic learning, and has improved 1200 teen drivers’ skills over the last two years. The state Department of Transportation says Ohio saw a 16.7 decline in overall vehicle crashes between 2005 and 2009 and that fatal accidents fell 23 percent because of graduate license law, (HB 343 – Know as Michelle’s Law), better education programs and the increase use of safety belts.

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